For my Canton buddies who wants to watch TVB in the US. I found a solution (well, for my parents’s short-term visiting). Yes, no dish needed for the installation, it uses Roku. Here are your options:

  • Option A – if you already own Roku, purchase Dishworld channel’s Cantonese TVB, $15 per month for the first 3 months, no contract ($40 per month after).
  • Option B – if you don’t have Roku, they offer Free Roku LT if you prepay 4 months in adv ($15×3+$40 = $85). And yes – if you want to cancel it after 4 months, you get to KEEP the Roku LT ($50 on amazon).
  • Option C (what i prefer to do) – Buy new version Roku 3 at Costco ($99) and signup TVB for 3 months, parents left – cancel it.

FYI, the different between Roku LT and Version 3 are: faster speed if you use a dualband rounter, 1080p instead of 720p, V3′s remote control has headphone jack and motion sensor for gaming. Goodluck!

HERE is the link:

2 Thoughts on “Setting up TVB with Roku in USA (Video Walkthrough) | 住美國, 睇無線

  1. Chi Truong on November 25, 2013 at 4:24 pm said:

    Thanks for the info. With option C, how much do you pay per month? Is it $15? Do you know anything about TV Pad?

  2. Hi Chi, we paid $16.12 per month (tax included). We called to cancel it before the 3rd month because our parents had returned home. DishWorld offered us another month for $1.00 over the phone. We cancelled it still. Sorry, I don’t know about the TV Pad.

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