20140128-PassportCardWe are about to apply an US Passport Card for Baby Jin. The Passport Card is much cheaper to apply compare to the Passport Book. Since this is sort of a new identification in the US (at this time), we weren’t able to find too much resources that specifically address baby’s application. Therefore we decide to write a summary about it. Now the info below apply to babies (or anyone under age of 16), who are citizens and had never apply an US passport book before.

Keep in mind: Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. NOT by air travel. The reason we are applying the Passport Card instead of the Book, is because our baby will not be traveling by air, both the Card and Book valid for only 5-years, considering $105 (Book) vs $40 (Card), the Card is more affordable.

What you will need:

  • The Cost & Validity: As of 2014, the cost to apply a Minor’s Passport Card will be: $40 (valid for 5 years) VS adult/16+ will be $30-55 (valid 10 yrs).
  • Which form to use: Since your baby has never had a U.S. passport book, you must apply in person using Form DS-11.
  • Proof of Citizenship: A Birth Certificate (or Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship… etc.).
  • Present Identification (2nd identification): Social Security Card.

  • Photocopy: Photocopy of Identification documents mentioned above (Birth Certificate + Social Security Card). Photocopy must be in letter size plain white paper, both sides of ID copies needed, no double sized copy, enlargement-ok, no size decrease of the original documents.
  • Passport Photo: 2 x 2 inches color print, taken within the last 6 months in front of a plain white or off-white background. With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open.
  • Where to File in-person: You have two options,
    1. Local Passport Facility – such as Post Office (not-all), Clerk Office, Superior Court. Check availability at http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/
    2. Passport Agencies – will cost you an Expedited Fee ($60 as of 2014) but processed with 5 business days. Check location >here<
  • Processing Time: Routine 4-6 weeks, Expedited 2-3 weeks, Expedited at Agency 5 business days.

Hope it helps!

Here you go, Happy Jin… Daddy did his best packing this “professionally” LOL20140101-2241_DSCN3818
Merry “first” Christmas and Happy “first” New Year, Baby Jin. Daddy and Mommy don’t need anything but you being in good health. One day when you look at these pictures again, please be grateful and make everyone around you as happy as you do. 轟轟, 謝謝您每天不懂我對您說什麼, 也對著我笑… 謝謝媽媽帶您來到這世界. 令您的低B爸爸把一切無聊事都忘了. 將來您看爸爸為您拍的照片時. 要感恩, 要令週邊的人與您一樣的快樂.


Here comes Jin’s first Christmas gift – an Instant Film Camera. Daddy & mommy won’t offer you iPad or plastic toys. Instead, we will give you endless of shines and happy memories that last a life time.

20131228-1835_IMG_1719There is no right or wrong… LOL

Jin@4th month (week19)

[老豆] 轟轟仔要的,就是温飽和安睡。其他一切都不重要了。

[媽咪] 轟轟,Do you know mommy hurts when you pull my nipple during feeding? Treat the nipples as a friend not a toy. Thanks.

So we saw this beef sandwich available at Costco last week (end of Nov 2013). We finally tried it last night. It’s a decent sandwich, pretty much self explanatory with no surprises – beef in sweet BBQ sauce (quite sweet imo) with coleslaw below. Not a fan of the cold bread (below room-temp). Well at least it is real beef, overall taste good. If I all I want is cheap food to stuff myself, I prefer to get 3 hot dog combos ;)

Costco New BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

For my Canton buddies who wants to watch TVB in the US. I found a solution (well, for my parents’s short-term visiting). Yes, no dish needed for the installation, it uses Roku. Here are your options:

  • Option A – if you already own Roku, purchase Dishworld channel’s Cantonese TVB, $15 per month for the first 3 months, no contract ($40 per month after).
  • Option B – if you don’t have Roku, they offer Free Roku LT if you prepay 4 months in adv ($15×3+$40 = $85). And yes – if you want to cancel it after 4 months, you get to KEEP the Roku LT ($50 on amazon).
  • Option C (what i prefer to do) – Buy new version Roku 3 at Costco ($99) and signup TVB for 3 months, parents left – cancel it.

FYI, the different between Roku LT and Version 3 are: faster speed if you use a dualband rounter, 1080p instead of 720p, V3′s remote control has headphone jack and motion sensor for gaming. Goodluck!

HERE is the link: http://www.dishworld.com/cantonese